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Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating, Sean Ono Lennon & John Cameron Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

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this not-quite-as-jolly-as-joni cover was recorded live at Pioneer Works in brooklyn, new york while rehearsing for a one-night only super-group performance for Maria “Brain Pickings” Popova’s annual poetry + science event “The Universe In Verse”. (

100% of proceeds from this digital download go to the same charity that “The Universe In Verse” worked to benefit: The Natural Resources Defense Council ( read the full backstory on my patreon.

this song was powered by over 11,000 patrons supporting us on join the community and help us make more art…it’s an amazing group and WE. ARE. THE. MEDIA.


Sean Ono Lennon - upright bass, electric & acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards
John Cameron Mitchell - Vocals
Zoë Keating - Cello
Amanda Palmer - Vocals
Sean Lennon & Matthew Cullen - Audio Mix
Matthew Cullen - Extra Engineer
Kevin Blackler - Mastering
Dan Brantigan - Live Engineer
Eric Cullen - Additional Mix Engineer
Dustin Yellin - Artwork
Art design by Braxton Carter at Fame House