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Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating, Sean Ono Lennon & John Cameron Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

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this not-quite-as-jolly-as-joni cover was recorded live at Pioneer Works in brooklyn, new york while rehearsing for a one-night only super-group performance for Maria “Brain Pickings” Popova’s annual poetry + science event “The Universe In Verse”. (brainpickings.org).

100% of proceeds from this digital download go to the same charity that “The Universe In Verse” worked to benefit: The Natural Resources Defense Council (www.nrdc.org). read the full backstory on my patreon.

this song was powered by over 11,000 patrons supporting us on patreon.com/amandapalmer. join the community and help us make more art…it’s an amazing group and WE. ARE. THE. MEDIA.


Sean Ono Lennon - upright bass, electric & acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards
John Cameron Mitchell - Vocals
Zoë Keating - Cello
Amanda Palmer - Vocals
Sean Lennon & Matthew Cullen - Audio Mix
Matthew Cullen - Extra Engineer
Kevin Blackler - Mastering
Dan Brantigan - Live Engineer
Eric Cullen - Additional Mix Engineer
Dustin Yellin - Artwork
Art design by Braxton Carter at Fame House