AFP "Dear Daily Mail" Nudie Pen

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Please note: It has sadly come to our attention that the production quality on this second round of pens is pretty bogus...many of the pens are defective, or the artwork has deteriorated. and we have quite a few of them still in the warehouse. as such- we are offering them now at a steep discount just to cover production costs, but all sales are final. TALK ABOUT NOVELTY! they might not work. but they're still cute! please accept our sincerest apologies. we strive to create quality goods and are saddened that we have failed to secure a quality manufacturer for this item. mea culpa. caveat emptor.

Are you still interested? Here's the product description!

HUZZAH....the long awaited commemoration of Amanda's run-in with The Daily Mail, summer 2013. remember THIS? Well, now you can relive that happy moment with your own Dear Daily Mail "nudie" pen. It's an ACTION PEN! Pin-up artwork by the talented Lee Moyer (the house artist for the famous clarion "literary pin-up calendar"). Watch with glee as Amanda's little black dress tastefully "liberates" itself from her body.