Piano Is Evil - Digital Download

Piano Is Evil - Digital Download

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This is PIANO IS EVIL. A stripped down piano+voice recording of songs from my 2012 album THEATRE IS EVIL which was recorded with a full band, the Grand Theft Orchestra.THEATRE IS EVIL was originally funded by almost 25,000 people on kickstarter and i am forever grateful for their backing.PIANO IS EVIL was made possible by over 8,000 people supporting my patreon page in October 2016.

Album tracklist:

1. Bottomfeeder
2. The Bed Song
3. The Killing Type
4. Grown Man Cry
5. Smile (Pictures Or It Didn't Happen)
6. Trout Heart Replica
7. Berlin
8. Do It With A Rockstar
9. Massachusetts Avenue
10. Melody Dean
11. Want It Back
12. Olly Olly Oxen Free
13. Lost

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