Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff - "Purple Rain" (Prince) - Digital Download

Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff - "Purple Rain" (Prince) - Digital Download

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This is a digital download for “Purple Rain” a Prince cover recorded in the weeks after Prince’s heartbreakingly premature passing and was made possible by the patrons:  


  • Jherek Bischoff: string arranging, mixing, mastering.
  • Amanda Palmer: vocals
  • Prince artwork: done on commission from the Patreon by Sarah Beetson 

The team @ ELBO studios in LA:

  • The strings:
  • Serena McKinney - violin
  • Ben Ullery - viola
  • Alma Fernandez - viola
  • Jacob Braun - cello

In the studio:

  • Chris Fogel - engineer
  • John Witt Chapman - engineer
  • Ryan McClure - asst. engineer

The team @ Future-Past Studio in Hudson, NY:

  • Patrick Higgins - head engineer
  • Rudy Mingaray- assistant engineer

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