STRUNG OUT IN HEAVEN: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute 

$ 1.00

STRUNG OUT IN HEAVEN: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute digital download released February 2016.
This entire project was financed by the supporters at The minimum price here is $1 - $.54 of which will go to Bowie's publisher for the use of the songs. The remaining proceeds from the first month of sales went to the cancer research wing of Tufts Medical Center, in memory of David Bowie. 
Amanda Palmer - Vocals 
Jherek Bischoff - Double Bass/Arrangements/Conducting 
Serena McKinney​ - Violin​ 1 
Alyssa Park​ - Violin 2 
Ben Ullery​ - Viola 
Jacob Braun - Cello 
Anna Calvi - Vocals/Guitar (Blackstar) 
Jono Manson - Amanda’s Engineer (The Kitchen Sink) 
Alex Thomas - Anna Calvi's Engineer (Bruce Grove Studio) 
Chris Fogel - Jherek/Strings Engineer (Hyperion Sound / ELBO Studios) 
Bryan Carrigan - Jherek/Strings Asst. Engineer (Hyperion Sound / ELBO Studios) 
John Cameron Mitchell - Vocals (Heroes and Helden) 
Jherek recorded the strings in LA at Hyperion Sound / ELBO studios engineered by Chris Fogel (engineer) and Bryan Carrigan (Asst. engineer). 
Anna Calvi (guest vocal and guitar on Blackstar) recorded in London at Bruce Grove Studios engineered by Alex Thomas. 
I recorded vocals in Santa Fe, NM, at The Kitchen Sink, engineered by Jono Manson. Jono added the acoustic guitar on "Space Oddity". 
John Cameron Mitchell sang his back-ups in his apartment in New York into his iPhone. 
Jherek mixed and mastered the entire record at home in LA. 
The artwork was created by artists from three continents: 
Cassandra Long (United States) - Blackstar 
David Mack (United States) - Ashes to Ashes 
Sarah Beetson (United Kingdom) - EP cover and Space Oddity 
Félix Marqués (Spain) - Life on Mars 
HA-HA (Australia) - Helden (German Version) 
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