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The Thing About Things (LIVE- OFFICIAL BOOTLEG)

Recorded live on April 6th, 2013 at the Sosnoff Theater (Bard Colleges Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts)
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I wrote this song a few days ago.
then I played it and I let people record in the audience, come what may.
I dont want to wait anymore, and put it in a pile, and tell anyone to take it down and not share.
I just want you to have it, so here.

Listen, enjoy, and maybe someday I'll put it on a record but maybe the ultimate message is records are fucking done forever.

I wrote a song and the reason I wrote it is I want people to hear and like my music and now that I can just let you hear it, i want to.

The End, April 8th 2013

NOTE: The source of this audio-file was lossy to say the very least. However, we have had numerous requests for it to be downloadable so, fuck it. If you want to download it, now you can. If you want to donate something, you can. Just enjoy. Love, @amandapalmer & @indeciSEAN

released 08 April 2013
Lyrics & Music by Amanda Palmer |

Recorded by Andrew Geha |
Audio cleanup by Sean Francis | /

Cover photo by Amanda Palmer | @amandapalmer
Cover design by Sean Francis | @indeciSEAN

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